Shampoo Truth or Myth: Is Rinse & Repeat The Best Way To Clean Hair?

Jul 02 , 2019

Shampoo Truth or Myth: Is Rinse & Repeat The Best Way To Clean Hair?

It must be said, the "lather, rinse, and repeat," mantra is so familiar to us that many simply don't question it. It is, after all, something we've all seen printed on the back of many shampoo bottles under the directions. While it may seem a simple and straightforward piece of advice, there's more to healthy shampooing than can be expressed in these three words alone. In fact, the process may even be damaging to your hair depending on what products you use and your washing habits. For hair that's as healthy and beautiful as it can be, we should examine this question a little closer and see if "rinse and repeat," is really the best way of maintaining hair that we feel happy with. 

The Facts About Rinsing

The truth is that depending on the type of shampoo you have and the specific condition of your hair, you may not need to lather and rinse more than a few times every week. Too much shampooing can remove the natural oil your hair produces, known as sebum, which is necessary for keeping your hair healthy. On the other hand, however, a lack of shampooing can cause residue and chemical products to build up, which can also be detrimental. Finding the right balance can take a bit of trial and error, though understanding your hair and products beforehand can be a tremendous help.

In general, you should be able to rid your hair of unwanted residue with only a single rinse. Cheaper shampoo products tend to be more likely to suggest rinsing twice. This is because they tend to be watered down and less effective than shampoos of higher quality. Not only are they less effective at cleaning your hair, but by rinsing twice, you actually strain your hair more than you should. Two to three rinses a week should be enough to keep your hair clean without risking unnecessary damage. Any more than that could be a potential risk.

 The exception to this is if you have particular scalp or hair conditions such as a troubled scalp or dandruff, which may require more frequent shampooing. In such cases, "rinse and repeat" may be good advice. Some medicated shampoos may also recommend rinsing twice, which may be necessary for their medical ingredients to do their best. If you're in the habit of using other heavy hair-care products such as gels or sprays, a short, simple re-rinsing might be beneficial to thoroughly rid your hair of leftover chemicals. Your hair should feel fresh and clean after rinsing, the same way your face does after washing. If you notice your hair is still oily after washing, it could be an indication that you've used too much shampoo or haven't thoroughly rinsed it out.

Healthy hair may take some work, but it doesn't have to be overly complicated. Thoroughly washing and rinsing just a few times a week with a quality shampoo should be all you need to ensure your hair is at its healthiest and cleanest.

Give Your Hair The Royal Treatment

As with any product, your shampoo should work for you to make your life easier. It should take care of your needs and satisfy your desire for beautiful and healthy hair without extra hoops to jump through. Christian Iles Hair Care products are designed with this in mind, providing you with luxurious hair care that doesn't require multiple rinses. Simply apply once, rinse, and enjoy hair that looks and feels as gorgeous as it should be.

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