Four Changes You Should Make to Your Hair Care Routine Before the Fall

Aug 28 , 2019

Four Changes You Should Make to Your Hair Care Routine Before the Fall

For those that live in variable climates, the shift from spring and summer into the fall months can often wreak havoc on otherwise healthy hair. Most of us are too busy getting excited to bundle up in rich, luxurious scarves and cable-knit jumpers to realize we should be paying a little extra attention to our locks.

Classic fall mainstays have long been proven to be damaging to hair. Indoor heaters, blustery days, and colder weather can all cause your hair to become dry, dull, and brittle. It can be difficult to keep your hair feeling lush when you've got so many elements working against you.

Fortunately, we've rounded up a handful of tips that you should implement come the fall season. These quick changes to your hair care routine could make all the difference between looking like royalty and looking like you just rolled out of bed once cooler days have arrived. Read on to find out more about you can ensure you (and your hair) look your best this coming fall.

Look past moisturizing to sealing

One of the telltale signs of fall's arrival is the introduction of high winds and cooler weather. Cold, windy days and nights often do a number on our hair. It can become dry and brittle in a number of days once the temperature change between seasons has started. Many people are tempted to up their moisturizing routine, but what they really need is a seal.

Try locking in the moisture from your routine by layering an oil over a leave-in conditioner. You can test out various oils and butters to see which best suits your hair. Get started by taking your pick between common favourites like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and raw shea butter. 

Avoid tying your hair up

If you're a big proponent of buns or ponytails, consider retiring the styles from your weekly rotation as fall closes in. Can't stand the thought of losing the beloved polished look? Shoot to trim down the frequency with which you rely on styles like these.

As your hair dries out from the weather, it becomes more delicate and prone to breakage. Pulling it back or up into tightly-styled updos is a signature on the dotted line agreeing to serious damage.\

Use a volumizer

Unless the wind has managed to blow your hair into a veritable volcano, you'll likely experience limp locks at some point during the course of the fall season. Damaged and frequently-tousled hair often lacks the body and volume that are more achievable in agreeable climates.

Investing in a high-quality volumizing product or two to fold into your hair care regimen could make all the difference. You can battle flat hair and give lacklustre tresses a much-needed boost if you're willing to go the extra mile.

Go natural

If there's ever a time to invest in high-end, organic products, it's during the colder months. Hair products that contain natural and organic ingredients are much gentler on your hair than their chemical-laden counterparts.

Most easily-procured shampoos, conditioners, and stylers today strip your hair of its natural oils. Taking the extra step to seek out natural products is well-worth your effort if you're looking to avoid damaged or lacklustre hair. Synthetic- and alcohol-based ingredients have no place in a fall routine. 

Christian Iles shampoo, conditioner, and serum are all specially-formulated with all natural ingredients. These exquisite blends of nourishing oils and other ingredients help restructure hair from the inside out, leaving it volumized and luxurious. 

Looking Ahead: Additional Steps to Take During Fall

The above tips should provide the ideal starting point for anybody looking to keep their hair looking healthy and luxurious come fall. Consider making an appointment for a trim to cut off dry, dead ends from fun out in the summer sun; it'll help give you a jumpstart on the process. If you dye your hair, look into opting for darker colours-- they'll highlight more easily in less sunlight and look rich contrasted against your surroundings. 

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