Are You Getting the Most out of Your Shampoo? Here are Four Sure Signs You're Using the Best Shampoo for You!

Aug 12 , 2019

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Shampoo? Here are Four Sure Signs You're Using the Best Shampoo for You!

Living Your Best Life With the Best Shampoo for You!

Hair vibe is real. The way you style your hair, along with it's look, feel, and smell, are some of the subtle but serious ways that your locks affect your overall look. Knowing how to get your hair to resonate in that way that works best for you is an art unto itself and many otherwise sophisticated and stylish fashionistas, trendsetters, and dapper dudes have squandered their whole look by not having the right shampoo. That's right, shampoo. The real secret to having that perfect selfie hair starts at the root, pun intended, and finding the right shampoo for you is a one way track to tumbling tresses to impress even the mostly salty style critics. So, how do you determine if you're getting what you need to out of your shampoo relationship? Below, we'll take a look at some ways to know if you should keep repeating the same old lather and rinse or if it's time to move on. 

Get to Know Your Hair!

Having an understanding of how your hair behaves when it is unhealthy is a good place to begin in finding the best shampoo for you. When you start to suspect that your current shampoo may not be doing your hair right, you may notice a few red flags. These include:

  • Your hair is dry or oily
  • Hair color is dull
  • Hair is hard to style
  • Hair is dry or frizzy
  • Curly hair isn't as curly
  • Straight hair isn't as straight

If you have been noticing one or more of these symptoms in your own hair, it may be time to consider a new shampoo. Knowing the natural traits of your hair, such as if it is more dry than oily, or vice versa, the texture and thickness, and color and type, will help you in finding the right shampoo. Speaking with your hair stylist can help determine these traits better. From there, deciding on the right shampoo may take some time and trail. Here are four ways to know you're on the right track:

  1. Hair is smooth, silky, and luscious. Many shampoos are chemically based and while they may smell delicious are actually doing damage to your hair. These chemicals can lead to a variety of negative effects for your locks including causing the natural oils in your hair to loose their balance resulting in hair becoming too dry or too oily. Finding an organically based shampoo that corresponds with your hair's needs will provide your hair with the silky smooth succulence you've always wanted from your strands.
  2. The Natural shape, flow, and style of the hair is enhanced. In addition to supporting and controlling the natural oil level in your hair, the right shampoo will work to emphasize and enhance your hair's natural traits. Meaning, if your hair naturally has some curl, the right shampoo will bring those curls to their full majesty, while if your hair is naturally straight, choosing the right shampoo will provide your hair with it's intrinsic shapeliness. This doesn't mean you can't style your hair anyway you like, in fact it will be easier as we'll get to in just a moment, but with the effects of the right shampoo your hair will be thriving naturally.
  3. Hair Color is bold and vibrant. There are many hair color dangers we encounter everyday that many of us may not even know we need protection from. UV rays, pool water chemistry, and as we mentioned above, the chemicals used in many shampoos, can fade and damage you hair color, especially if you use dyes. Finding a shampoo that boosts the natural moisture of your hair through organic means and protects the hair will keep your color vibing and vibrant. 
  4. Hair is easy to position and style. After using the right shampoo, when all the natural oils in the hair are in balance and it's natural moisture keeps it in a smooth, silky regal flow, working with it will be easier than ever. Healthy, resilient, and well balanced hair won't tangle or break and won't kink or knot up when styling. A shampoo that improves the hair's overall strength and hardiness through promoting it's natural balance will give you the ability to situate your locks anyway you like. 

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