9 Signs You Should Add a Nutrient-Rich Serum to Your Hair Care Routine

Aug 05 , 2019

9 Signs You Should Add a Nutrient-Rich Serum to Your Hair Care Routine

Whether your personal style includes curls, pixies, lobs, or lowlights, every hair deserves to be pampered. A tiny drop of luxury can go a long way. Serums are key when it comes to bringing out your natural radiance and inspiring the royalty within.

The Perfect Glow-Up

Hair serum is the photo perfect filter for any hair type. Most beauty gurus are familiar with products intended to boost elasticity and enhance shine. Leave-in conditions, styling sprays, and salon oils are similar when it comes to fighting frizz. Serums go the extra mile by restoring the hair's natural glow and softness. Think of serums as the finishing touch to any royal hair care routine!

Christian Ile's artisan crafted formula is blended with the finest natural ingredients, sourced from around the globe. Moisture dense argan, frankincense and avocado oils create a silky aesthetic that's rich in shine and volume. A unique marine plant extract blend restructures and restores while nourishing dry, overworked hair. 

And, as always, Christian's luxury styling products are never, ever tested on animals.

9 Reasons to Love Hair Serum

1.) For Dry Hair

There's nothing glamorous about split ends! Dry hair is prone to breakage, resulting in a frizzy, unmanageable appearance. Heavy oils can weigh hair down. Lightweight serums lock in hydration keep hair bouncy, lively, and fresh all day long.

2.) For Gym Hair

Hair serum is an easy way to go from workout to nightlife. Greasy post-fitness hair can be difficult to tame. Adding serum to your gym bag is a great way to embrace the shine oily hair can create. Instead of fighting runner's hair, work it! Serum can take gym hair to a seamless ballet bun, slicked back pony, or bold up-do.

3.) For Treated Hair

Just returned from the best salon session ever? Keep that salon fresh look by maintaining hair at home. Serum is a fabulous part of any upkeep routine when it comes to glossing treatments, keratin treatments, olaplex, and more!

Ask your stylist about the best way to work hair serum into your weekly beauty regimen. The extra care can go a long way in ensuring your Instagram worthy hair lasts week after week.

4.) For Fine Hair

Don't believe the myth that serum isn't for fine hair! Experiment with a drop or two to create volume and texture. Delicate hair can benefit from added nourishment. Nutrients can bring out depth that may otherwise be lacking. Love your fine hair and celebrate the shine, movement, and radiance a luxury hair care routine can create.

5.) For Colorful Hair

Nothing makes color pop like a fresh glow! Whether your aesthetic involves summery highlights or bold fashion colors, serum is a must for color treated hair. From straight out of the salon to those awkward in-between recolor phases, bringing out the true shade allows for captivating #hairgoals.

6.) For Thick Hair

Taming the mane can be quite the achievement. Luckily, hair serum enriches natural volume without adding poof. This makes for easy styling and head turning texture.

7.) For Curly Hair

Wavy locks are captivating with depth and shape. Play up the glow by refreshing tired curls with enhanced brightness.

8.) For Straight Hair

From long straight hair to short, funky pixies and bobs, hair serum keeps ends from frizzing and allows for the seamless aesthetic seen on magazine covers. Straight hair is especially vulnerable to damage. Making serum a part of a night time routine is often the ideal way to wake up restored, refreshed, and flawless

9.) For Royal Hair

The best reason to indulge your hair is no reason at all! Every hair type deserves luxury and pampering. Hair serum will take your style from everyday to royalty in one simple step.

Looking for more ways to love your hair? Explore Beauty Inside Out: Effect of Your Diet on Your Hair and Skin.

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